Wish List | Zayn - Chapter 1

Charlotte’s perspective

I’ve waited for hours, I think it was 5 hours. Yeah, 5 hours. Because the airplane should be landed on 1 P.M and I arrived here in 11:30 A.M, but the airplane was late so he landed in 4:30 P.M. But I have no problem with that, I just want to know that Zayn is happy to see me. I really want to know that something can really happen between us as he promised to me when he left Bradford for his band.
“Flight 873 from New York to London landed the moment. Only marked departure from the area.” Said a girly voice. This is Zayn’s flight. He was in New York and back to London. In our recent call, I told him I moved to London last week, so it would be really exciting to see him.
Me and Zayn used to be kind of lovers. We never were officially boyfriend and girlfriend, we were just enjoying kissing each other, and tell each other how much beautiful we are. He never told me he loves me, in our last meeting which was almost 2 years ago before he left Bradford and moved to London with One Direction, I wanted to say goodbye to him well. So I invited him to my house, and I don’t know why but suddenly we started to kiss, and kiss, and kiss with more passion, take off our clothes, lock the door, fall over the bed and… Have sex. For me it was to make love, but I know that for Zayn it was sex, just sex.
It was the best day of my life, lucky that my mom left the house couple minutes after we locked the door, so I could let myself shout really hard with joy. I remember that day perfectly, every single thing I remember. In the end, he dressed up and told me that he must to go, he didn’t want to miss the flight. But he said “Maybe someday, we can be together, because, it was more than just sex, it was…” but he couldn’t finish his sentence, his phone suddenly rang, and he had to go. A month after that I discovered that I was pregnant, and Zayn is the father. Because he was my first and only time. But soon I past a abortion and the baby was gone. He never knew anything about that.
Suddenly, I saw Harry looking around, “Louis!” he shouted. “He’s taking his bag, Harry.” Liam pushed him to move on the way and let people through it. Niall showed up and took a bite from his sandwich. “I don’t see Louis there.” Harry looked at the many people were taking their bags. “I’m right here, you fool!” Louis laughed behind Harry. “Where is Zayn?” Louis asked. “He told us he need to meet a girl, but where is he?” Liam searched for him. ”Call him, Niall.”
Is ‘that girl’ is me? I was excited to see Zayn so much, to see if he’s going to hug me, or kiss me, or just say simple ‘hello’. They were so close to me, they past away next to my face, four of them without Zayn. “Charlie?” I heard Zayn’s voice, he calls me Charlie instead Char, everyone calls me Char but only Zayn called me Charlie.
I turned around, looking at the beautiful guy I didn’t saw for almost 2 years. “Zayn!” Liam accidentally was hitting my shoulder while he went to Zayn to check him out. “How are you dude?” He looked over at Zayn that looked over me. “I’m fine, man, thanks.”
He got closer to me, “I’m so happy to meet you again!” He held my hand, “You didn’t change at all!”
I was really nerves to see him again. I am not a slut, I wasn’t a one. I kissed him, and acting with him like that because I actually LOVE Zayn, I never stop loving him.


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